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Hunting Packages

Trophy Whitetail Hunts

No doubt, whitetail hunting is the heartbeat of Concho Valley Outfitters. Due to extensive feed and habitat improvement programs, our ranches have acquired an immense population of trophy whitetails. Concho Valley Outfitters offers one of the best whitetail hunting experiences in the state of Texas. This is made possible by our dedication to year-round supplemental feeding program; which in return, rewards us with a paradise full of trophy whitetail deer. If trophy whitetail hunting is your definition of excitement, Concho Valley Outfitters is the destination for you.

4 Day Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Includes: Meals and lodging
Transportation to and from San Angelo Airport
One-on-one guided
50% deposit required to confirm hunt balance due upon arrival.


Management Hunts

"What is a management buck?" We get this question a lot. A management buck is an older, mature whitetail buck, past his prime or a buck that does not meet our requirements for trophy potential. The intent of the management hunt is to increase the quality of the overall deer heard. These hunts are always a rewarding experience. All are one on one guided hunts.

3 day hunts, meals and lodging included


Spring Turkey Hunts

Concho Valley Outfitters offer some of the very best turkey hunting in Texas. As a result of the dedication to the year-round supplemental feeding of the whitetail deer, our turkey population and quality has also flourished. Our spring turkey season is matched by no other. We fully expect for you to come hunt and see no less than hundreds to even a thousand prime Texas turkeys. Hunts are available guided or on your own.

2 birds: $2,000
3 day hunts, meals and lodging included
*guides available upon request.


Texas Exotic Hunts

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. You will be face to face with exotics you only see on TV. We offer hunts on the following exotics: black buck antelope, axis deer, sike deer, aoudad sheep, fallow deer, Iranian red sheep, scimitar oryx (male and female) and red deer. This is a great hunt to fill that empty spot above the mantle.

Black buck antelope: $1,750
Axis deer: $3,250
Sika deer: $2850
Aoudad sheep: $2850
Fallow deer: $2,850
Red sheep: $3,500
Scimitar oryx female: $2,850
Scimitar oryx male: $3,250
Red deer: $3,800

3 day hunts, meals and lodging included


Predator Hunts

On our ranches we have our share of predators and varmints. We travel with a spot light and in selected areas we will use electronic or mouth calls to lure the varmints & predators. This is an opportunity to upgrade your whitetail hunt since most of the predators are taken at night. A few of these predator class animal are coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions.

3 day hunts, meals and lodging included
*Add Predator Hunt to any scheduled outing for an additional $750


Rifle and archery hunts are available
Non-hunter charge of $150 per day



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